Faculty at the Institute of Gerontology teach a variety of courses on aging, including topics related to health, housing, finance, psychology, nutrition and policy. Course offerings vary by semester, so please check Athena for an accurate schedule this semester’s courses.

Click here for the 2019 – 2020 Schedule of Core Gerontology Course

Foundation Course (Required for certificate students)

  • GRNT7100E Foundations of Aging

Biology Core, choose 1 course

  • GRNT8200E Public Health and Aging
  • KINS6320 Exercise and Aging

Psychology Core, choose 1 course

  • GRNT6700 Psychology of Aging
  • GRNT7400E Cognition and the Aging Brain
  • ECHD8380 Human Development, Adaption and Aging

Sociology Core, choose 1 course

  • GRNT6650E Aging in Society
  • HDFS/FHCE6500 Aging and the Family

Research, Practicum, Service Learning, and/or Independent Study, choose 1 course — Permission of instructor required.

  • GRNT8000 Advanced Topics in Gerontological Research
  • GRNT8010 Advanced Topics in Gerontological Practice
  • GRNT6390 Service Learning with the Elderly
  • 7000, 7300, 9000, 9300 or other course numbers related to research, practicum, service learning and/or independent study from any department with prior approval

Electives, choose 1 course

  • GRNT 7500E Smart Technology in an Aging Society
  • GRNT 7266 Death, Dying, and Bereavement
  • FHCE6810 Housing for Older Adults
  • KINS/HPRB/FDNS7600 Public Health Nutrition, Physical Activity Interventions
  • SOWK6142 Social Work with Older Adults
  • EADU8090 Adult Development and Instruction
  • EPID8400 Epidemiology of Chronic Disease
  • FHCE7310 Managing Nonprofit and Special Housing
  • SOWK7263 Social Work in a Healthcare Setting