Through research, members of the Institute of Gerontology offer solutions to today's most pressing health issues related to aging and older adults. Their work is often collaborative and on the vanguard of aging research. To date the institute is supported by a total of $250,000 in grant funding.

The table below presents a sample of our current projects.

Jenay Beer Breathe Easy: Advancing Quality Lung Cancer Survivorship in South Carolina, Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation
Jenay Beer

Evaluation of Telewellness Technologies for Exercise and Social Connectedness for Persons Aging with Disability, National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR)

Jenay Beer  The Design, Development, and Evaluation of a Usable and Privacy-Enhanced Telepresence Interface for Older Adults, NIDILRR
Jenay Beer

Ms An (Meeting Students Academic Needs): A Socially Adaptive Robot Tutor for Student Engagement in Math Education

Jenay Beer

Automated Social Interactive Interface to Monitor and Update Intervention Plans for People with MCI, Alzheimer’s, and Other dementias, NIH, SBIR

Jenay Beer Social Assistive Robot Interface for People with Alzheimer’s and Other dementias to Aid in Care-Management, NIH, SBIR
Jenay Beer Usability of Self-Directed Online Training Intervention for Chinese Dementia Caregivers, NIH, SBIR
Kerstin Emerson Examining the individual and neighborhood-level influences on the health life expectancy of older Hispanics, NIH
Kerstin Emerson Loneliness as a public health issue: risk factors and outcomes
Kerstin Emerson

The country context of social connections and the public health impact on elders

Kerstin Emerson

Teaching Gerontology Courses: Making Use of Technology

Heidi Ewen

Healthy Aging: Older Adults Fostering Felines, Purina

Glenn Ostir Role of Androgens in Age-Related Changes in Pain & Analgesia, NIH
Glenn Ostir

Psycho-Epigenetic Pathways Linked to Cognitive Health

Glenn Ostir Socio-Epigenetic Pathways to Cognitive Performance in Older Puerto Ricans
Glenn Ostir Tai Chi and Underlying Biological Mechanisms
Lisa Renzi-Hammond Halos and starbursts: the relation between ocular nutrition and dysphotopsia across the lifespan
Lisa Renzi-Hammond Vitamin D, mixed carotenoids and cognitive function in older adults
Lisa Renzi-Hammond Lutein intake and infant visual and cognitive development: optimizing early brain function for lifespan health
Lisa Renzi-Hammond The relationship between perceived autonomy and health literacy on health outcomes
Lisa Renzi-Hammond The effects of a lutein + zeaxanthin intervention on cognitive function and neural efficiency in older adults with and without cognitive impairment
Lisa Renzi-Hammond Diet, cognition and academic performance in preadolescent children