Cognitive Health

Fear of Alzheimer’s disease is second only to fear of cancer in the United States. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, which is only one of a number of different types of dementias that increase in incidence in older age.

The Institute of Gerontology faculty conduct cutting-edge research in cognitive neuroscience of aging, including interventions to reduce dementia risk. We strive to understand how cognitive health changes with age. We look not only at loss, but at the cognitive gains that older adults are capable of making.

Featured Projects

Psycho-Epigenetic Pathways Linked to Cognitive Health

Tai chi and underlying biological mechanisms

Halos and starbursts: the relation between ocular nutrition and dysphotopsia across the lifespan

Vitamin D, mixed carotenoids and cognitive function in older adults

Lutein intake and infant visual and cognitive development: Optimizing early brain function for lifespan health

The relationship between perceived autonomy and health literacy on health outcomes

The effects of a lutein + zeaxanthin intervention on cognitive function and neural efficiency in older adults with and without cognitive impairment

Dr. Lisa Renzi-Hammond leads our cognitive health initiative.