Certificate in Gerontology

A certificate in gerontology prepares you to address our aging society where you live and work. The certificate is available to: (1) Any graduate student enrolled in a degree program at the University of Georgia, (2) non-degree seeking graduate students, and (3) undergraduate students enrolled in the Honors Program.

Certificate students complete 18 credit hours in public health, social, psychological, and biological aspects of aging. The certificate journey may look different for individual students, so we encourage any interested students to set up an appointment with IOG graduate coordinator, Kerstin Emerson

GRNT 7100E
Foundations of Aging
Biology Core
Psychology Core
Sociology Core
Research, Practicum,
Service Learning,
&/or Independent Study
Each student must select one course from one of three core areas, plus an approved elective. Below is a list of recommended courses, but appropriate course substitutions may be petitioned. 
GRNT 8200 Public Health & Aging
KINS 6320 Exercise & Aging
GRNT 8300 Epidemiology of Aging
FDNS 6560E Nutrition, Health & Aging
GRNT 6750E Mental Health & Aging
GRNT 6700 Psychology of Aging
GRNT 6650E Aging in Society
FHCE 6500 Aging & the Family
EADU 8090 Adult Development
FHCE 7310 Affordable Housing Dev
FHCE 6810 Housing for Older Adults
KINS/FDNS 7600 Public Health Nutrition Interventions
SOWK 6142 Social Work & Older Adults
SOWK 7263 Social Work in Healthcare
How to Apply

Applying for admission to the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology Program is a two-step process:

If you are not currently an enrolled as UGA graduate student, you must complete the UGA Graduate School’s online application.

All applicants must complete the application for admission to the Certificate Program. Upon receipt of the application, the Graduate Coordinator will notify the student of receipt of their application and invite the student to meet and discuss the proposed program of study.

Application process for Undergraduate in Honors Program. Undergraduate students in the Honors Program may also apply and should contact the Graduate Coordinator. The Graduate Coordinator of the Institute of Gerontology will provide advice to interested students on the necessary steps to secure admission.

Application process for non-degree student.  Early career, middle-aged and older adults enroll in the Certificate of Gerontology program for a variety of reasons. Some want to gain additional expertise as part of their ongoing professional development. Others seek to broaden their knowledge as part of life-long learning.  Anyone who has completed a bachelor level degree can matriculate through the Certificate of Gerontology program as a non-degree seeking student. You must first be admitted to the UGA Graduate School before officially applying for admission to the Certificate of Gerontology program.

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Need more information? Students are also welcome to contact the Institute to discuss the program and their interests before deciding to apply. Email: .