Assistive Technologies

In today’s society, technology has become an integral part of everyday living.  Assistive technology has the potential to help older adults maintain a healthy lifestyle and age-in-place, but only if such technology is designed to be meet older adults’ needs.  

The Institute of Gerontology focuses on understanding the fundamentals of older adults’ capabilities and limitations.  We apply this scientific knowledge to the design, implementation, and evaluation of technology in home and healthcare settings.  

Featured Projects

Breathe Easy: Advancing Quality Lung Cancer Survivorship in South Carolina through a Mindfulness Meditation Intervention App

Evaluation of Telewellness Technologies for Exercise and Social Connectedness for Persons Aging with Disability

The Design, Development, and Evaluation of an Usable and Privacy-Enhanced Telepresence Interface for Older Adults

Automated Social Interactive Interface to Monitor and Update Intervention Plans for People with MCI, Alzheimer’s, and Other dementias

Social Assistive Robot Interface for People with Alzheimer’s and Other dementias to Aid in Care-Management

Usability of Self-Directed Online Training Intervention for Chinese Dementia Caregivers

Dr. Jenay Beer leads our assistive technology initiative.